Higgsas Blender 3.3/3.4/3.5/3.6/4.0/4.1 Geometry Nodes Groups Toolset Pack

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Blender Geometry Nodes toolset pack includes over 140 wide range of advance node groups to help improve and enhance procedural workflows









Geometry Measure

Mesh Primitives


SDF Nodes



Current Node Groups

Curve Deform
Face Offset
To Sphere
UV Deform
Set Center
Fit Size
Cube Deform
VDM Brush
Surface Bind
VDM Brush
VDM Points Scatter
Mesh Sharpen

Marching Squares Isolines
Marching Triangles Isolines
Marching Squares Surface
Marching Triangles Surface
Tessellate Mesh
Tessellate Mesh Smooth
Tessellate Topology Helper
Connect Points
2D Curl Noise
Inset Faces
2D Recursive Subdivision
Image to Ascii
Mesh to Ascii
Edge Offset
Mesh Face Divider
Mesh Face Subdivide
Voxel Remesh
Mesh Contours
Spheres Intersection

Geometry Measure
Mesh Measure
Mesh Island Measure
Mesh Thickness
Gradient Direction
Face Vertex Position
Mesh Tension
Geometry Center
Face Tangent
UV Tangent
Mesh Ambiet Occlusion
Triangle Circumcircle
Triangle Incircle
Triangle Tangent Circle

Triplanar UV Mapping
UV Mirror
Camera UV Coordinates
Cylinder UV Mapping
Sphere UV Mapping

Attribute Smooth
Bezier Easing
Box Mapping
Looped Noise Texture
2D Looped Noise Texture
Geometry Visualizer
Camera Culling

Mesh Primitives
Hexagon Grid
Triangle Grid
Quad Sphere
Torus Knot
Rounded Cube

Bounding Region Selection
Select by Normal
Is Inside Volume
Edge Angle Selection
Boundary Edge
Expand/Contract Selection

Directional Falloff
Spherical Falloff
Radian Falloff
Object Directional Falloff
Object Spherical Falloff
Wave Falloff

Curve Offset
Twist Curve
Loft Curve
Even Curve to Mesh
Curve Point Angle
UV Curve to Mesh
Poly Arc
Decimate Curve
Curve Bisect
Curve Mesh Boolean
3D Curve Fill
Tubes to Splines
Edge Bundling
Circle Outer/Inner Tangent

Distribute Points in Volume
Circular Array
Volume Points Grid
Homogeneous Sphere
Distribute Points on Edges
3D Points Grid
Phyllotaxis Sphere
Phyllotaxis Disk
Homogeneous Disk
Random Points

SDF Nodes
SDF Sphere
SDF Torus
SDF Capsule
SDF Polygon
SDF Cube
SDF to Mesh
Mesh To SDF
SDF Gyroid
SDF Cylinder
SDF Boolean
SDF Volume Points Fracture
Points to Smooth SDF

Direction Reaction Diffusion
Reaction Diffusion Solver
Triangle Mesh Circle Packing
Splines Packing

Curl Noise 2D
Curl Noise 3D
Surface Curl Noise

Royalty Free License

The Royalty Free license grants you, the purchaser, the ability to make use of the purchased product for personal, educational, or commercial purposes as long as those purposes do not violate any of the following:

  • You may not resell, redistribute, or repackage the purchased product without explicit permission from the original author
  • You may not use the purchased product in a logo, watermark, or trademark of any kind

If you have any question or suggestions you can contact via:
Email: higgsasmotion@gmail.com
Twitter: higgsasxyz
Instagram: higgsas

2024-04-20 Update

Added 2 new nodes: 2D Hilbert Curve, Bricks Grid

Removed installation guide for blender 3.3 version because it caused confusion

2024-03-29 Update

Added Blender 4.1 version with some improvements

Added position attribute to falloffs nodes in blender 4.1
Normalized falloffs directions
Improved mesh contours fill curves performance in blender 4.1
Improved Easing node usability using new menus switch in blender 4.1
3d curve fill much faster in blender 4.1
VDM Points Scatter added better option for boundaries blur

2024-03-19 Update

23 New Nodes

Instances Bounding Box
Maze solver
Curve Banking
Spine Heart
SDF Heart
2D Remesh
Tubes to Splines
Advect Splines
Phyllotaxis Surface
Sharpen Mesh
Rounded Cube
Image Points Stippling
Triangle Mesh Circle Packing
Edge Bundling
TSP mesh
UV Mirror
Sphere Intersection
Instances AABB Collision
Splines Packing
SDF Volume Points Fracture
Circe Outer/Inner Tangent Curve
Directional Reaction Diffusion


Moved UV nodes to new UV category
Moved curl noise nodes to new Effects category

Reaction Diffusion Solver - added time steps and simplified the node
Distance to Edge Voronoi - updated to use Repeat Zone for performance
Mesh Face Divided - updated to use Repeat Zone for performance
Circle Packing - now using Repeat Zone instead of Simulation Zone, so you won’t need to play animation for the packing
VDM Points Scatter - Added blur option thanks to Benny_G feedback
Catenary Curves - updated to use Repeat Zone for performance
Poly Arc - updated to use Repeat Zone for performance
Curve Offset - fixed direction being not normalized
Surface Curl Noise - added option to project to surface and simplified normal input just use mesh

2024-02-03 Update

Added version for Blender 4.0

2023-08-16 Update

Replaced Mesh Section node with Mesh Contour node. New mesh contour node works much better and has ability to do multiple contour slices

2023-08-11 Update

26 new nodes:

VDM Brush, VDM Point Scatter, Sphere UV Mapping, Cylinder UV Mapping, Voxel Remesh, Mesh Face Divider, Mesh Face Subdivide, Rotate Element, Triangle Incircle, Triangle circumcircle, Triangle Tangent Circle, 3D Curve Fill, Curve Bisect, Curve Mesh Boolean, Curve Decimate, Index Ratio, Mix Splines, Poly Arc, Cube Deform, Mesh Offset, Mesh Section, Torus, Curl Noise 2D, Curl Noise 3D, Surface Curl Noise, Reaction Diffusion Solver

2023-05-30 Update

New node: Bezier Easing

2023-05-13 Update

New nodes:

Line Line Intersection
Line Plane Intersection
Edge Bisect
Cube Recursive Subdivision
Surface Bind
Mesh Ambient Occlusion
Distance to Edge Voronoi
Wave Falloff

2023-05-30 Update

New node: Bezier Easing

2023-04-27 Update

New node: Marching Squares Surface Renamed Marching Squares to Marching Squares Isolines

2023-04-21 Update

New node: Splines Patch - https://higgsas-geo-nodes-manual.readthedocs.io/en/latest/curves.html#splines-patch

2023-04-20 Update

Added boundary edge option to Marching Squares/Triangles nodes, and performance improvements
Fixed issue with Tessellate Mesh Smooth not working correctly with Tessellate Topology Helper
New node: Set Center

2023-04-05 Update

Fixed nodes not loading when opening new blend files

2023-04-04 Update

Added installation addon with node groups menu categories


2023-03-27 Update

New nodes:

Tessellate Align Orientation - https://higgsas-geo-nodes-manual.readthedocs.io/en/latest/generators.html#tessellate-align-orientation
Align Curve Normal - https://higgsas-geo-nodes-manual.readthedocs.io/en/latest/curves.html#align-curve-normal

2023-03-15 Update

Fixed Curve Deform flipped normals

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Higgsas Blender 3.3/3.4/3.5/3.6/4.0/4.1 Geometry Nodes Groups Toolset Pack

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